It’s fun, speedy, addictive & tests your time management skills. Any idea what it takes to be the security cop of the busiest tower in the town with people rushing in. Some bad & criminal minded people might try to break into with their illegal & harmful objects like guns, bullets, knife etc. Stop them for towers safety

As a cop its your job to search every tenant’s bag through the X-Ray scanning machine. Scanning bags through X-RAY and searching the hidden objects in Tower is difficult than Airport scanning job.

The security is in your hands now! Your job begins as a tower security cop head to catch the bad guys with harmful items. Use the X-RAY scanner to scan through the carry luggage and bags to find the unwanted items. Manage your time well & don’t be lazy in this fast paced action game.

◆◆◆ How to Play ◆◆◆

► Look and search carefully in the X-Ray Machine for Hidden Objects.
► The Illegal items list will help you recognize unwanted items.
► touch and swipe the luggage belt for a quick scan.
► Touch the unwanted item to stop.
► you will loose a life if you let go any illegal item.

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