The citizens of the city from different professions are suffering from various dental diseases and problems. This is your chance to become a real virtual dentist in this dental surgery simulator game. Patients are arriving at your dentist clinic suffering multiple dental problems. Some of them might have a broken tooth, a cavity or other germs. Maybe someone would need a braces surgery as well. Surgery Simulator and Doctor Games educates you about medical problems and their treatment in a fun way. Your job starts at the doctor clinic where you play as a real virtual dentist treating patients from different fields of life. If there is a rush of patients immediately call other dentist surgeons as well. Be careful with the treatment because your patient might have previously gone through an open heart surgery or a lungs or throat surgery. Handle sensitive matters very carefully.

The game contains amazing 3d characters with detailed animations. Take patients to your surgery clinic and let them lay down on chair. Open their mouth and find out what each of them are suffering from. Only you can cure them and remove their pain because you play as the real virtual dentist. A teeth transplant, cavity removal, scaling, cleaning and remove germs. A real dentist surgery simulator lets you play with complete dental and surgeon tools in your first aid kit. A real surgery simulator will let you explore the dentist problems and their cure. Don’t be a clumsy doctor, pick up your medical tool kit. Go through the complete dentist surgery treatment to cure patients. Prove how good a dentist surgeon you are. Keep in mind to be careful because your patients could have been through an open heart surgery or stomach surgery as well.


► Real Dentist Surgery Simulator 3D
► Multiple Characters with Various Diseases
► Surgeon Tools with Medical Treatment
► Real Treatment and Doctor Simulation

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