Welcome to the Princess Salon! Everyone knows how much girls love playing makeup and salon games. All of the Princesses are elegant and adorable. Princesses Soha, Charlotte, Joanna & Victoria are waiting for the enchanted fairy to dress them up. They want to attend the ball dance at the royal prince castle but they are all messed up in the dirt & mud. Let the magic begin, relive your fantasy to make the adorable girls a candy princess so she can have a party. So girls, who wants to have the beauty and fashion adventure with the cute little princesses? Let’s make them such a cute darling that prince finds a crush on her!

Little princess is sad and sitting by the pond in the enchanted garden near the castle. Let the fairy do magic and bring her to the icy spa. Give her a proper and soothing bath. This is so relaxing!!!! Give her shinny face makeup and makeover. OH she might feel cold inside the water but no worries you have the hot water tap. Once you are done with all this let the dress up begin with a royal wardrobe. There are dozens of stylish, elegant and glamorous outfits to choose from. Eye lenses, hair styles, lipstick, blushes, jewelry, gloves and much more! Make this night memorable for the prince and princess! Let the royal castle glow with elegance and beauty!

Princess Soha

She has lost herself in an enchanted forest and mess is all over her, hence she looks ugly.

Princess Charlotte

The cute little princess named Charlotte is hated by her step mother so she sent her out of the castle. Princess is now poor and feels dirty all over.

Princess Joanna

The pretty princess was turned into an ugly girl by a wizard that came into the castle. She can’t go out anywhere due to her messy and muddy look.

Princess Victoria

The beautiful princess woke up and found herself looking horrible and dirty. A witch stole her beauty through magic. She can’t find her royal looks back.


4 charming princesses with different stories

Dozens of outfits and glamorous dresses

Eye lenses, hair styles, lipstick, blushes, jewelry, gloves etc.

Spa, Makeup & Dress Up

Endless fun for girls with amazing story mode

Royal Castle theme to bring elegance

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