A rush of hungry customers are waiting to get their happy mornings with tasty pan cakes. A fast paced time management game with cooking stand playing as the town chef in this pan cake serving game. Sharpen your time management skills and make delicious and mouthwatering pancakes. You are the owner of your own pancake cooking stand and the only duty is to serve hungry customers. The more your play, the more orders appear. Experience each day as a new challenge with customers rushing in with hunger. Gather up all the items and fulfill the appetite of your hungry customers. Time to take your cooking fever to a whole new level with fast paced cooking. The more orders you complete, more money you can earn. Running a cooking stand is not an easy task especially when customers rush in with hungry nature looking for delicious pan cakes.

The challenge begins with day one so engage yourself with pan cake serving with add-on items like fries, juices, donuts, cookies. Do you have what it takes to be a master cook to serve pancakes? Do you have what it takes to be a master cooking chef? Play pan cake town chef and show how fast you can serve pan cakes to customers. Deal with the furious customers, feeling hungry and in need of pancakes. Raise your level each day as the orders and customers keeps on increasing. The faster you complete your pancake serving day, higher the money you can get in return.


30 Gameplay Food Serving Challenges

Face-paced Game with Time Management

Customers Serving & Restaurant Environment

Run your own Pan Cake Shop in the Town

Kids Mode for Little ones to Enjoy Making Pancakes

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