Welcome home my new baby twins! Everyone was so excited to know that mommy is pregnant and is expecting twin babies soon. Girls love to play baby birth and maternity care games where you play as a virtual mommy and a helper too. The journey from pregnancy to parenthood is never easy but amazing. After her wedding last winter, this is her first baby and she is excited to know that newborn babies are twins. Be a little helper to take her through every process of pregnancy. Take care of mother’s health when you check her blood pressure, heartbeat, perform ultrasound, give her the best vitamin tablets and suitable injections. There is no comparison to mother’s love and care so let’s help her in getting perfect health before the newborn baby twin’s birth.

Oh, this is great news that twins are born. Playing as a mommy’s little helper in this mother care and twin baby birth game you have to give proper shower to baby, maybe a warm bath would make the baby relax. Safely apply some shampoo and wash babies. Feed the baby well and make him or her feel like mother’s here. There is a girl and a boy so choose whom you would like to take care of. Can you plan a surprise for the little cute baby? Decorate baby room with toys, flowers, lamp, stickers and other room décor items. Make it a perfect home for the little new baby twins and show your love for the newborn twins.

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► 5 Different Gameplay Scenes
► Baby Care, Feed & Room Decor
► Interactive sounds, Fun Gameplay for Kids
► Virtual Mother and Helper skills for little Girls
► Mother Caring & Baby Birth

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