Have you ever dreamed to be a cashier in a grocery shop or supermarket to show your cash register and management skills? You like playing educational and management games? Well it’s time to live your dream and show your management skills. Just imagine that you’re going to jump into another role of a cashier that you would love to play. Cash register and cashier mania games are in trend with kids, boys and girls. Kids get to learn while they also enjoy playing games. Play my little Supermarket Cashier to enjoy the real environment of Supermarket grocery store and excited cash counter job of cashier. You will find this my Little Supermarket Cashier game more exciting than any other cash register games. Handling a crowd of customers might be adventurous as they are in a rush. You have to be fast completing cashier task as they might not wait enough. Parents also like such educational games because they want to sharpen the minds of their kids and cash register games are making a significant impact.

My Little Supermarket Cashier is a unique blend of supermarket grocery store management and cash management. Just get started with one of with one of the most amazing educational game based on simulation and casual users. This is for you if you have craze to play management and cash register games. My little cashier game is one of the best educational game.

It’s time to get started with your supermarket cash register store as a cash and start calculations. se credit card machines, POS, NFC payments and you will feel a real time environment of grocery store. Using a calculator you will learn mathematical skills. And by serving customers you will learn the skill of a manager. Manage your rush customers and build your position as a cashier Master.


• Supermarket Grocery Store View
• Exciting Levels to enjoy real time store environment
• Adventure of Time Management Cash Register Simulation
• Credit Card Machine and NFC Mobile payments
• Unlock Point Of Sale Machine to scan items
• Education and Learning through Games

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