Treat your little patients and give them the hospital care they deserve. Hey kids, You’ve been Little Dentist before and no wonder you did great. It’s time you play as Little Doctor to examine, treat and diagnose your patients at hospital. From the Creators of My Little Dentist & Crazy Doctor High School.

◆◆◆ THEME ◆◆◆

Doctor Clinic let your Junior be the doctor he always wanted to be. It all starts in Med School. In hospital you have to treat patients and cure them from diseases. Medicine is fun your patients can have all sorts of illnesses and you can help them get better easily, use your stethoscope, thermometers, the nurse’s help to see what’s wrong with the patient and give treatment accordingly.

◆◆◆ STORY ◆◆◆

Kids are sick and suffering from various diseases and they need your help to get better. The nurse might be absent so you won’t seek her help anymore! It’s all on you now to cure the little boys & girls with several treatments. Patients are going crazy with pain so put yourself as the super Doc and use the best medicine & tools to treat little kids. Be nice to the kids to let them vanish their fears of visiting hospital any more.

◆◆◆ GAME PLAY ◆◆◆

Check blood pressure and see if patients have a proper heart beat via stethoscope. Thermometer will help you examine if the kids is suffering from fever or not. Their wounds need to be treated with great care. Inject them with proper med. Use bandages, ice packs and even syrups to diagnose infected throats. You have the complete tool kit to perform every treatment your patients needs. You even get to know the complete info about your every patient on their likes & dislikes.

◆◆◆ FEATURES ◆◆◆

► Wide Range of patients that need treatment
► Diagnosing tools like stethoscope, blood pressure checker & x-ray
► Treatment tools like injections syrups, capsules, eye drops and more
► Colorful plasters, head & arm bandages

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