In this glamorous fashion story world where everyone wants to be in fashion news and fashion limelight who don’t wants to look beautiful and super stylish? What would be cooler than giving your clients the best makeup life, hair and nails treatment in your super star salon that brings freshness to every girl who visits it? This Makeup Story – Salon Life gives you an amazing opportunity of becoming the best star beautician by applying best makeup and hair care techniques on your client and let them shine as prettiest princess in this salon life story. Keep in mind the time restrictions as there is client rush so you have to style everyone quickly by using best time management skills.

There are a lot of Girls who are super fan of your makeup, styling, nails and hair treatment tricks and so your makeup salon is full of life every time. It’s a big challenge to keep all your salon clients happy and fully satisfied with you spa life skills in limited time. In Makeup Story – Salon Life you need to provide beautiful girls the best makeup, hair and nails treatment to make best makeup story of 2017. There are different chairs for different salon treatment and a lot of cosmetics on different salon racks such as base, wax cream, hair dryer, makeup boxes, lip gloss, lipsticks, perfumes, foundation, day & night creams, face masks to enhance your face beauty, manicure and pedicure kit for foot and hand care, blackhead removal cream and much more. This makeup salon is fully furnished will all kind of cosmetics and spa machines that are needed for making client charming and refreshing in this beauty life story.

There are perfumes of heart touching fragrance, branded nail colors, lipsticks, foundation, base, mascara, stylish hair colors, all types of face masks, hand wash, shampoo, conditioners, moisturizer, body lotion, wax creams, manicure & pedicure kit for hand and foot care and much more. Makeup Story – Salon list doesn’t ends here. There are a lot of other life makeup accessories such as makeup brushes, blow dryer, hair color, and hair care machines for making your life beautiful. Make the best makeup story in your beauty spa by giving your clients the sweetest makeover of your town. Glam them up by using best makeup skills that you have read in makeup story books. Enlighten the fashion world story by your fashion and makeup techniques and become the most shining super beautician of Makeup Story – Salon Life.

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  • Wide Variety of Cosmetics Available!
  • Beautiful Makeup with Eye Catching Graphics!
  • Different Beauty Tasks to Perform!
  • Chance to Make the Best Makeup Story of 2017!
  • Makeover, Nail and Hair Treatment and Much More!

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