Get ready for the amazing experience of baby game of care, feed and dress up. They are the cutest and adorable toddlers. Girls who always wanted to be a mommy has a chance to play the role of the sweet mother to take care of cute darling babies. Dress up, feed, care and bath your baby well to bring spa and salon fun at home. Wash them and make them look like little prince and princess.

Don’t let the babies cry. Feed them with proper food. Give them a proper bath before they go to sleep. This is a fun caring game for girls with countless dresses to make your little baby dressed up like a star. You loved my little dentist and my little doctor so finally we have my little baby care for you now to play and enjoy! Baby feed, bath and dress up for girls to play and feel like being a mom.

Start the day with feeding your baby with proper foods. Take the baby for a complete bath and finally the wardrobe is all yours to dress up the way you want.

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