This winter its really cold and nose infection is spreading much specially among the cute little kids. The hospitals are full of patients and duty doctors are falling short. In this extreme situation its time to fulfill your duty and become the super nose doctor. Treat innocent little kids with real clinic tools and make the best Kids Nose Doctor Clinic Story.

The little patients are waiting for the cure and pain free treatment. Would you be able to give them the best possible nose treatment and remove all sorts of bacteria, germs, bugs, pimples and blisters from their nose? Try becoming a super nose doctor for the little kids. Examine carefully, diagnose, cure and treat little cute lovely kids and help them recover from pain!

Spread nostrils and clean nose of the cute little patients, remove germs and bacteria, use X ray tool, lasercam, nose drops, tweezers, scissors and other advanced medical tools and equipment to clean and cure the dirty blocked nose. To shave and trim the nose hair use tweezers and scissors. Clean the tears using tissue and band aids to cure the scratches on nose.

Get the dirt, germs, bacteria, pimples and blisters removed from the nose of the little cute kids in a pain free treatment process. The kids are scared from nose cleaning procedure but use your super doctor skills to make a perfect nose doctor clinic story and remove their suffering!

Kids are waiting for you in your nose doctor clinic. Examine, diagnose, cure and give a perfect nose surgery and nose treatment with real tools and equipment like lasercam, drops, X- ray tools, injection, tweezers, tissues, band aids, scissors and make a best nose doctor story!

◆◆◆ Game Play Features ◆◆◆

  • Variety of Medical Tools and Equipment!
  • Amazing Nose Doctor Clinic Story!
  • Engaging and Lively Graphics!
  • Many Patients to Examine and Treat!
  • Nice Background Music!

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