Does your hands hurt? Ohhh!!! You have many wounds, rashes, pimples, broken nails and cuts that need to be healed. Surgery and doctor games are popular with kids, boys and girls. It’s all about getting comfortable to visit hand doctor at the hospital and get yourself treated. Kids can have learning with fun games like hand doctor that makes you a virtual doctor to take of little patients and perform treatments so they heal rapidly.

Medicine and doctor topics might be boring but it’s time to imagine hand surgery in the most fun way. Get the amazing fun experience of getting your hands treated at the doctor’s clinic.

◆◆◆ MINI GAMES ◆◆◆

With an extra fun factor we have two mini games so kids enjoy even more. Guess the change or find the difference to spot the changes in the given images to test your speed, memory and time management skills. Place the item is the second game again testing your skills.

◆◆◆ GAMEPLAY ◆◆◆

Start with the treatment to relief patients from pain. Remove blood, bacteria, and germs using cotton, plasters and bandages. There are many wounds so hurry up! Heal hand from both sides and don’t forget to clean and clear the nails. It really hurts! PLUS you have a couple of bonus mini games.

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