The ultimate arcade racing is here for the survival of the fastest. Simple tap and balance the physics and dynamics of the car. Be at your extreme driving skills to climb through mountains, hills, hell, forest and more. There is no turning back once started. The hunter monster is behind you. The amazing challenge begins with the Monster truck chasing your car to burn it down. Don’t tap break more often until required, escape death and survive the fire attacks from the monster truck.

◆◆◆ GAMEPLAY ◆◆◆

Drive through hell, beach and snow themes with the best cars available. All you need to do is balance your car well to survive the monster car’s attack. Collect coins all the way to help yourself buy upgrades and other store items. Boost and turbo will help along to speed up. Insane stunts and flips all in Furious Hill Climb.

◆◆◆ STORY ◆◆◆

You have upset the Monster truck and there is nowhere to hide than to race for the uphill. The chase has begun and all that matters is speed and balance. If you land badly, monster car will burn you down.

Furious Hill Climb offers a lot more than you could desire for. Twenty racing cars all ready to jump on the path of hell, beach & snow city. Dash away all your hurdles and boost through the roads. The amazing background themes and sounds with addictive game play make it even more classic and amazing. Complete upgrading and customizing options in the garage. Get your car to be the best to survive against the raging monster car.

◆◆◆ FEATURES ◆◆◆

► Wide range of amazing cars
► Complete upgrading options for your cars
► Three different themes
► Surviving from the Monster Truck
► Store for purchasing different items

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