Sight is one of the most important and precious senses of all the senses and this makes eyes one of the most important part of the human body. Everyone has different beautiful eyes and they come with usually not so different problems. Having a perfect eyesight is a blessing, but if you have issues, there are doctors who can help you achieve a clear vision. This is where you come in.

You are an expert eye doctor and you get a lot of junior patients with different eye problems. You job is to cure these innocent eyes and help them have a clear vision. And this doesn’t have to be boring at all. As an eye doctor, you have to treat little angels and at the same time, help them cheer up and have fun. At an eye doctor clinic, kids might be scared, but we are sure you can handle them with care. After all, their health and cured eyesight is what matters the most. All of this happens in Fun Kids Eye Doctor Clinic.

Fun Kids Eye Doctor Clinic has different medical treatments, procedures and activities for each patient to go through. You have to examine them for a perfect vision, color blindness, eye injuries, allergies, and a lot other issues.

Epidermis Eye Treatment:
Prepare your patient for the treatment and the procedures. Make sure they are ready for all the eye treatments coming up. Clear their eyes, remove dust, bandage them if they have eye injuries, and remove any issues with the outer eye area.

Deep Eye Treatment:
In this treatment, make sure you remove the internal problems deep in the eyes. Apply eye drops, suck the extra fluids, apply laser if needed and blow out all the foreign elements from the eyes.

Check Visual Activity:
Now check their vision for sight clarity. Have your patient sit in front of a machine and let them read the alphabets on the wall. Apply different lenses in one eye while the other eye is closed. See which lens or sight version seems fit for the clarity of the vision. Repeat this process for the other eye.

Short Vision Test:
In this test, check if the short sight of your patients is good enough. The patient has to tell the direction of the F on the wall. The higher the percentage, the better the eyesight.

Device Check:
Check the alignment of the eyes to make sure they are in sync with each other. The test is done on a machine and you need to be an expert on it.

Cevic Blind Test:
This is the final test where you check the color blindness of your patients. This test makes sure the patients have a proper color balance and they can see through and differentiate between different sets of colors.

So what are you waiting for? Download this eye doctor clinic game and get started helping your little eye patients.

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