Are you getting crazy with pain in foot? Ouch!!!! This is really painful and patients need instant surgery treatment. Let’s become a foot surgeon and be the super doctor to treat foot cuts, bruises, wounds, rashes, injuries and pimples. Boys, girls and even sportsman are in the cue to be treated. Real surgical tools will help to cure the little patients and make you a real kids surgeon. This is a real learning experience for little heroes. HEY!! Don’t be clumsy and take up the role of little foot doctor to examine and cure patients.

A complete nail and foot makeover is needed so get it done. Check internal problems, examine foot properly before you start the treatment. This is how you get to learn the treatments and the use of tools. Neat and clean feet are the best so don’t let them be dirty again.

◆◆◆ FEATURES ◆◆◆

► Patient selection for Foot treatment

► Removal of Cuts, Rashes, bruises, Bacteria, and Germs

► Wash your feet and the beauty is back again

► Doctor and surgery education for the little kids

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◆◆◆ GAMEPLAY ◆◆◆

Start with the treatment to relieve patients from pain. Remove blood, bacteria, and germs. There are many wounds so hurry up! Heal foot from both sides and don’t forget to clean and clear the nails. It really hurts!

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