Ear doctor is a free girls kids game that makes you learn how to treat uncomfortable ears and make the kids smile again. Become an expert at the hospital and use the best tools to diagnose kids suffering with bacteria, germs and little slimy monsters in ears. Let’s make your dream come true and become a super magic doctor with this free, fun game for girls, kids and teens. Have fun doing the physical examination of ears like a doctor.


Easy tap and drag game play.

This is a cute, fun and amazing ear care game

Kids friendly content

Backgrounds and wallpaper personalization

free and simple girls, kids game

Suitable for the whole family

Cool BG music and HD graphics

Feeling uncomfortable in your ears? Kids might look miserable with this pain so let’s become the super little ear doctor to take care of ears and cure them, so kids find themselves healthy again. Learning is fun with games so let’s educate kids, boys & girls at ear doctor’s office.

Blocked nose, sore throats or bad skin might have been hurting kids but let’s began the ear examination first because you have to be the super ear doctor. Ears are as important as eyes and nose, so those who like to be a doctor have a chance to experience the amazing kid’s fun game for free.

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