***It’s Time to fry & cook some real yummy, delicious and creamy donut with lots of toppings. This crazy chef experience of real cooking is best for dessert lovers when they fry lovely doughnuts. Little Boys and pretty girls will love making donuts as they can bake, make & dress up their pretty sweet donuts.
Dress up and decorate your creamy & caramel filled doughnuts with fruity syrups and jam. Coat it with chocolate icings and add multiple dress up items like creams, candies, icings & fruits. Make your donuts look attractive. Fun faces will be a fun factor for the little kids & princesses when they create funny or pet faces to enjoy.

***Top Features***

• Yummy and Creamy Donuts
• Amazing backgrounds, toppings and dress up items
• Creativity skills for little boys and girls
• Pretty fun faces to raise the fun factor for kids
• Share your doughnuts with friends through Facebook

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