From the makers of My Little Dentist, Now comes Crazy Doctor – High School Edition. It’s fun, addictive and innovative story. It’s fun being the crazy doctor as you always wanted to be at high school. Be a top doc to treat High School boys & girls with the best treatments and tools available.

Treating patients in high school is tougher than in hospital, your med school training and doctor’s guide will help you in giving the right medicine. Check the fever, do the X-Ray scan, give injection and cure skin diseases like pimples for a complete treatment and cure.

Grown up boys & girls are having fun and enjoying high school life style doing dancing, sports, gym, running etc which sometimes makes them sick and they need a doctor like you who exactly knows how to treat them and fix them quickly. So be that med doctor treat your patients and cure them.

Forget your fears of visiting the medical doc now. You won’t have to go to a hospital or doctor’s clinic, your campus med doc can fix every disease and make you feel healthy again.

*** FEATURES ***

  • Attractive and colorful visuals with animations
  • Amazing & addictive sound effects
  • Multiple patients that need diagnosing for their diseases
  • Countless treatments like throat check up, x-ray, thermometer reading, bandaging bruises
  • Creativity & learning for kids
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