A real surgery simulator is here to test your surgery and treatment skills. Prove how good surgeon you are. The ambulance has just arrived at the hospital carrying patients who went through an accident. Only you can cure them or else call some pro knee surgeon and arms surgeons. With such pain, they are just depending upon their bone surgery doctor in this surgery simulator. Knee surgery simulator, arm surgery, and head surgery simulator all in one. Once you start treatment be careful not to hurt them anymore. Skull surgery patient might have had a brain surgery before so be careful. One of them has a broken ankle, the other one is suffering from broken arm and the few of them have a sewer damage to their skull. Call doctors on their duty immediately.

Play crazy knee surgery simulator and treat patients with broken ankles. There bone joints might have dislocated. Take them to the x-ray room and diagnose the problem area. Let’s play as knee doctor to perform complete surgery in this doctor simulator game. Save those people having painful expressions. Fix their legs with broken bones and dislocated joints. Be their foot doctor to cure them.

One of the patients suffered a terrible accident and has a broken foot. Give them a complete checkup to check if they have a broken joint or a dislocated foot. The patient can’t even move his hand. Immediately call the foot surgery dr and show them how perfect surgeon you can be. Give them the proper medical care they need using the best surgical tools.

Head injuries are the most dangerous ones. Give attention to those patients suffering from a broken skull. One of them has already gone through a brain surgery recently so a little might not be good for him. Play as the pro surgeon in this crazy bone surgery simulator. Real surgery, medical tools, treatments and hospital environment.


► Crazy Dr Surgery Clinic Environment
► Multiple Characters with Various Diseases
► Knee Surgery, Foot Surgery & Skull Surgery
► Real Treatment and Doctor Simulation

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